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Disorders that vascular surgery treats

Vascular disorders involve arteries which carry the oxygen to every living cell in the human body and veins which carry the blood depleted by oxygen to your heart.

When you think about what arteries and veins are, imagine them as roads of your body. In cases of a traffic jam or work on the road, you have a slowed down traffic and that is when problems arise. It’s the same with your body. If blood can’t reach certain parts of your body or if it can’t get away from it, then health problems will arise and the quality of life will be impaired. Fortunately, most of the vascular disorders are treated successfully even without surgical treatment.

Prevention – Healthy lifestyles

The source of our happiness is in subjective traits: a noble character, an entrepreneurial spirit, a happy temperament, a cheerful mind and a healthy body.
Arthur Schopenhauer

In the countries of the European Union, cardiovascular mortality was 42%, and in Montenegro, cardiovascular mortality is over 54%.
In Montenegro in the last decade, there is a trend of increasing number of patients with cardiovascular diseases, as well as their representation as a group in total dying. In relation to the stated values as well as the average standardized mortality rate in Europe from 479.4 to 100.000 and USA from 317 to 100.000, it can be said that Montenegro is in the group of countries with a high rate of dying from diseases of the circulatory system.
Prevention of the circulatory system diseases is best done by applying healthy lifestyles that combine moderation, healthy nutrition, aerobic physical activity, smoking cessation, strengthening and maintenance of mental health. It is possible!

Ph.D., MD, Nikola Fatić

Ph.D., MD, Nikola Fatić was born in 1984 in Niksic, Montenegro. He graduated from the “Slobodan Škerovic” Gymnasium in Podgorica in 2003. He finished the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in 2009, the first in his generation, as one of the best students with an average grade of 9.63. He defended his Ph.D. in 2015 at the Medical Faculty in Kragujevac with the material of the Clinic for vascular and endovascular surgery of the Clinical Center of Serbia. The results of the PhD were presented at the world’s largest congresses in the field of vascular surgery (Charing Cross Symposium – London, 2015), published in eminent world journals in the field of vascular surgery (Angiology and Vascular surgery – the official journal of the Russian Association of Vascular Surgery) and became recommendations for treatment of type 3 dissection at the largest clinics in the region. He is the first specialist in vascular surgery in Montenegro, after passing a specialist exam in June 2017 with great success. He is the winner of the national scholarship for excellence awarded by the Ministry of Science of Montenegro as well as many international scholarships. Post-doctoral research and education in contemporary vascular and endovascular surgery he did at the prestigious St. Mary’s Hospital – Imperial College London. Post-doctoral work, on the topic of modern treatment of an abdominal aortic aneurysm “Validation of an evaluation tool for pre-operative EVAR planning” was published in the magazine with the SCI list – Perfusion.
He is the national representative of Montenegro in the European Society of Vascular Surgery.

Who dares, can! Who doesn’t know what fear is will go forward!
Živojin Mišić